Ripsaw EV3 by Howe and Howe


Ripsaw EV3 Luxury All-Terrain Super-Tank

Price: $300,000

The Ripsaw Super-tank is manufactured by Howe and Howe Technologies Inc., a Maine-based R&D company. This luxury tank comes in various configurations, including 3 seating configurations:

  • Single seat (EV3)
  • 2 seater (EV3F2)
  • 4 seater (EV3F4)

While there is no price listed on the manufacturer’s website, according to CNBC, the starting price for the EV3 is $300,000.

ripsaw ev3 luxury all-terrain tank


  • 1,500 horsepower
  • 112 inch track (2x 56″ tracks)
  • 16 inch suspension travel
  • 22 inch ground clearance
  • Air conditioning and heat

Manufacturer Website


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